We Asked, You Answered. [INFOGRAPH]

In our last newsletter we asked users a couple of questions, like “How do you use U.OSU?” and “What do you like about the service?” Your responses were tallied and we’re taking your comments and suggestions into consideration as we move forward to improve the university’s web platform service.

u.osu survey results snapshot

View the entire infographic on ODEE News.

We noticed some common requests have a few existing solutions or workarounds.

Request: I want to include a form.

Solution: Check out all the features Formidable brings to the table.

Request: I would like my U.OSU to look like a website, not a blog.

Solution: While U.OSU inherently lists your Posts in chronological order, a few changes in Settings can help customize the look and feel of your site. Use Pages to achieve a static website aesthetic.

Request: I’m squinting at the screen. Can you make the font larger?

Solution: Our themes comply with web accessibility standards and use size 14 font. If you’re having difficulty reading the screen we suggest adjusting font settings on your browser or zooming in on those tricky web pages.

Request: What if I want my site to come with me when I leave OSU?

Solution: U.OSU utilizes Shibboleth login and is therefore contingent on your status as a student or employee. However, fret not, you can export your U.OSU content into your own WordPress site. For more help check out our post on exporting tips for graduating seniors.

Request: I want to arrange my pictures in a visually pleasing fashion.

Solution: Activate Jetpack to gain access to more robust photo gallery options and Visit the Working with Images section of the Resource Center for additional support.

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