Year in Review

Two meaningful experiences I have had at Ohio State include getting a summer internship back home and making it into my engineering major, chemical engineering. These are both meaningful experiences to me because it further accomplished my career goals and showed that my hard work has paid off in the short run. It also has given me the determination to keep working and fighting for what I ultimately want to strive for. After a rough start in classes as a freshman, this definitely reassured me that I was in the right place and even though I had setbacks, could still accomplish my goals.


One major meaningful experience was actually not doing well my first semester of sophomore year. I came in really determined to do well and work hard and was very disappointed on my final outcome. I look at this as a meaningful experience because I learned that hard work doesn’t always pay off and you can have setbacks as you move through your life that don’t add up. This taught me to accept it, learn from my mistakes, and also how to adapt to change. I went through some major changes in friends, experiences and grades. With all of this combined, I really was starting to give up, but from this and the guidance of others I learned how to pick myself up and use it as a lesson. Another meaningful experience was one of my chemical engineering classes. I had an amazing professor during spring semester and I really feel like I found someone to look up to. I would spend much of my week in his office asking questions, asking specifically the questions “why?” or “how?” and he would take the time to work with me to fully understand not just the material but how we got their and the implications of it. He also worked to show students that we should not be striving for our grades, but for understanding the material and working hard and he rewarded us with good grades. I believe this was meaningful because it gave me a professor that I look to for help and guidance in my career and experiences out of the classroom.


Two GOALS that I had for myself were to obtain a leadership position in Green Engineering Scholars for my sophomore year and get more involved in my activities on campus. I obtained my goal by becoming a mentor for the program as well as becoming a resident advisor as a way to become more involved in something other than my studies. Being a mentor, I got to help guide a small group of incoming students through their first year at school. As a resident advisor I got the same opportunity. So, from these experiences I believe that I have gained leadership skills as well as people skill.

I definitely met both of my goals this year. I actually obtained two leadership roles in green engineering scholars by being a mentor and a member of the leadership council. I became highly involved in GES and would participate in a number of service, mentor and general events for the program. I believe I exceeded my goals for GES. My goal about getting more involved definitely was a success, but I feel as though I can keep working on this goal after this year. I plan to get more involved in a research group. I was involved in one but found it was not exactly what I was looking for or interested in. I also would like to get involved in one club for fun now that GES is not going to be my biggest involvement. I am looking at joining buckeyeathon or volunteering at a local hospital.




I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate chemical engineer at The Ohio State University. Currently, I work on campus as a resident advisor for the Office of Student life. My daily tasks include acting as a peer-mentor and leader, creating community, fostering diversity, and promoting wellness. For the fall semester, I was employed as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the introduction to engineering class. I assisted in teaching the basics of Microsoft Excel, technical writing skills, MatLab, and helped conduct labs that applied different engineering disciplines. Each week, I presented survey results on previous lab materials and classwork, and I graded various class and lab assignments. This past summer I participated in a paid internship at IsleChem in Grand Island, NY where I have learned valuable skills such as writing standard operation procedures, regulating OSHA rules in manufacturing and laboratory areas, maintaining the quality of specified products, and operating chemical engineered manufacturing processes. My previous and current research experiences have enabled me to gain hands on understanding on the newest technologies, the application of various chemical processes, drug delivery, and latest cancer research experiments.

My previous coursework involved extensive use of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, MatLab, C++, Linux, and SolidWorks. Current coursework has included process fundamentals, transport phenomena, separation processes, organic chemistry, and mathematical topics for engineers, and physics.

In-class project experience has taught me real world application of teamwork and time management. The ability to effectively organize and prioritize my work, manage my time efficiently, and my desire to help others succeed are the traits that best qualify me for this position. My determined work ethic allows me to be successful in balancing my time between a job, coursework, research, and extracurricular activities.


Blue Green Algae in Lake Erie

My presentation is about the blue-green algae build up in lake Erie. The is mainly due to Phosphorous run off from the farming methods used in Ohio. This build up is affecting ecosystems in and around the lake, killing animals in the lake from dead zones being created due to no oxygen circulation. Toledo, Ohio had to turn off tap water due to the blue green algae infecting their drinking water. The nation is giving farmers grants to try new farming processes to decrease phosphorus numbers in the water. Ohio is also passing local bills to try and clean the lake.


This past year I accomplished my goal to obtain A’s in my second semester after a difficult autumn semester. I achieved my goal by working hard, changing my study habits, and decreasing the amount of extracurricular activities I was taking on. I also worked on getting more sleep and making sure I was not packing everything on at the last minute.  I got all A’s in everything except for physics which I expected and was aiming to get through physics with a passing grade. As it turns out I achieved all of these goals. I do not have a file to document this due to the fact that they were my grades but if you checked out my unofficial transcript you would see I achieved my goals.

About Me

I am from Buffalo, NY. I love to play music, it is one of my most memorable experiences from growing up. I was involved in many leadership positions during high school. I was the Editor and Chief of my high school’s school newspaper, Drum Major of the school marching band, and treasurer of the school’s band department. I hope to get involved in service activities and clubs whose focus is giving back to the community. I am currently involved in Society of Women Engineers  and the activities board for my residential building.  I am hoping to find internships and CO-OPs while I am at the university for the next four years. I want to also participate in as much undergraduate research as possible. I am going to specialize my major in Biochemical Pharmaceuticals and am very interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry when I graduate.

Contact information:


Phone: (716)880-0749