Week 8

progress on my big painting

set up gallery for fractured space exhibition

added mirrors to my already completed piece

Week 7

I started painting a section of my large oil painting.

I added mirrors into and around this piece to explore how viewers can also be reflected.  This is going to be my contribution to the TBA exhibition.

Week 6

finished a simple under painting for my big piece

This week I’m exploring using the shards of glass on canvas.  I am thinking of using this technique in combination to my painting of the shards in my big 3’x4’ painting I am starting hopefully this week .

Week 5

for the group exhibition I’m planning on painting on fragments of glass while leaving some mirror untouched.  These are a few examples so far


I have a new 3’x4’ canvas that I want to use to explore identity and self reflection, so these are some digital images I have been playing around with to see what direction I want to move in.

I also did an observational painting from a big mirror shard I have. I left a lot unfinished due to time and just for a stylistic approach

Week 4 progress

18”x24” canvas- oil painting

Continuing with the shattered glass exploration

added a full figure rather than just a portrait

next I’m making the glass more concentrated so there is more of an image and seeing where that leads me.

Prompt 2- Paper

I first wanted to explore how other materials permanently effect paper, so I used fire and oil on different types of papers to see lasting effects.

Here I wanted to explore how things can be made and recognizable with only one color of paper.

The changing of the texture of paper through wrinkling created harsh shadows so I interacted with those through line.

I then explored the transparency of paper.  In this piece if you look close enough you can see the figure show through from the light outside on the window.

This is how the transparency of the paper was against a solid surface; no figure could be seen.

The last 3 are all more explorations of transparency through layering paper cutouts and setting how this influences how much light shines through this thinner paper.  I was surprised with how dark it got in the spots of at least 3 overlaps.

At Home Studio

This image is of the corner of my bedroom designated to my painting easel and tray.  There is adequate room for decent sized canvases, as well a location right next to my balcony door for air flow when necessary.

On the other side of my balcony door, I have my drawing table set up with a tray on the side for supplies.  The table can change height and angle to conform for projects when appropriate.

Inspirational Quote

“Life begin at the end of your Comfort Zone. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, know that the change taking place in your life is a beginning, not an ending.” – Neale Donald Walsch