Buckeye Bar – High fives: all day, every day.

I had completely forgotten that we had filmed this over the summer at the Buckeye Bar. Lucky for me I was having a decent hair day.

The video highlights the ease of coming to the Buckeye Bar (OCIO’s walk-in service at the Thompson Library) for your computer issues. Continuity issues aside (a beer of your choice for the first to list all of them in the comments), it turned out extremely well. And yes, I do high-five as much as I can at work. I mean who doesn’t?

What can we do for you at the Buckeye Bar?

  • OSUWIRELESS configuration and troubleshooting
  • name.# password resets
  • Virus/Malware,etc removal
  • Operating System reinstall
  • Software installation
  • Setting up Email (University Staff/Faculty Email and Buckeye Mail) on mobile devices

What don’t we do? We don’t work on any desktops, monitors, printers. Laptops or mobile devices only. But what about my Linux laptop? Sorry, same goes… we don’t support Linux (but these guys will help you out). And anything that needs a screwdriver (most hardware issues), we won’t be able to help either.

So come to the Buckeye Bar at the Thompson Library, say hi, let me connect your new Mac Book Air to OSUWIRELESS and give me a high-five.