New laptop? Keep it awesome with these tips.

  1. Updates
    Seriously I know these are a pain. I get them just as much as you do. Java wants to update everyday. iTunes updates about twice a day, I know. Just do it once a week, Friday night before you go out to Ugly Tuna Saloona. And plug it in.
  2. Power your laptop down
    Every day you should turn off your laptop. I would go as far as to recommend that you power it down when you walk between classes but let’s start off slow. 
  3. Have one legit anti-Virus (Macs are exempt [1]).
    If you pay for it, cool. But if you don’t want to, then check out  Microsoft Security Essentials.  
  4. Remove the programs you don’t need.
    If you’re not sure if you need it, please google it throughly before removing things willynilly or just visit us at the Buckeye Bar.  
  5. Clean it once a month.
    I don’t mean files, I mean keyboard, screen, outside case, etc. Turn it off, pull out the battery (if you can), get some q-tips and a soft cloth and wipe it down. Don’t use chemicals or water.  
  6. Write down your license codes, system password (keep them in your email somewhere).
     Any code that are on the outside of the computer, especially Windows license codes, service tags, etc can come off, etc. Please write these down or save them in your email. You never know when you’ll need them. Also that password you set up when you initially set up your computer, put that someplace safe too.
  7. Battery! Conditioning isn’t just a thing for the football team to think about. 
    Conditioning your battery means when you first purchase your laptop to let it complete die, then recharge it fully. And repeat. About 5-10 times. The more you can do this throughout the life of your battery, the longer the charge will last.
[1] – Yes I know. I know. Macs get viruses. We had a serious Flashback outbreak last year across campus. But by-and-by if you keep your OSX updated, you’re good to go.