Name: Ousmane

Hometown: France

Work: Artist

Q: What brought you to Japan?

A: A lot of things. I wanted to discover the world, I wanted to discover Japan because when I was little I watched a lot of anime and read Japanese books so I was really interested in Japanese culture. But also inspiration because I am an artist, so I want to discover Japanese art culture to be able to mix with my own culture.

Q: How has living in a different country changed your life?

A: I’m more open-minded. I’m also more patient with people. When you travel you see many ways of doing things and you become more flexible and open-minded. Because when I was living in France, there was just one way for me to do things. There was only one way. Everyone I talk with in France knows that it is like this in France, but when I went to Germany or Poland I saw a lot of different ways to do things. So seeing that really makes you grow up.

Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives?

A: Breathe, try, fail, and don’t give up.