Name:  Matthew  

Hometown: New York 

Work: Celebrity beauty and fashion photographer  


Q: How has living in a different country changed your life?  

A: Being overseas has changed the way I see things, slowed me down in ways. I feel in the states it’s money money money and being here in Japan I feel like I take a breath more, it makes me see things I didn’t see, my works changed. Also visually I feel there’s more soul to my work now. Living here has given me evolution in my work, I think every artist should evolve. You should do the same things so people know your work and  recognize style, but your style will evolve as an artist. 


Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives?  

A: People have a fear of leaving what they know, you have to be open to that. It’s a fear of going outside your comfort zone, but you only grow when you go outside your comfort zone. Dream bigger and don’t be afraid, don’t let barriers like fear stifle you or hold you back. It changes you for the better, you may thrive more than you’ve ever strived before when you do what you were afraid to do. For creatures all over the world, hone in on what you do best, what you love doing best to tune out the noise around you and focus on what you believe in and what you love. What’s special about you is in you already, you just gotta let it grow and come out.