Name: Henry 

Hometown: West Virginia  

Work: Nonprofit organizer  


Q: What brought you to Japan? 

A: I came to Japan as an exchange student in college, I studied Japanese. It was because it was the one place and language I knew nothing about and it was being offered in college and I wanted to learn about people different from me.  


Q: How has living in a different country changed your life?  

A:It’s taught me people can love and care for eachother beyond culture, beyond language. I figured out it can be done and it was inspiring. I learned I can always be better, I’m very happy to fail, no matter what you break you’ll still wake up tomorrow. I’ve learned to read the air.  


Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives? 

A: Solve the problem that is there, not the problem you think it is. Talk to people and find out what the real problems are, you need to get feedback even the feedback you don’t want to accept. Figure out who you are as a person and find the talents you have to solve the problem. The true you is hidden beneath layers of pressure. Surround yourself with successful people who have done what you’ve done, just be in their space. Learn about what you can.