Darryl & Brianna

Name: Darryl & Brianna  

Hometown: Florida, USA 

Work: College Students and Co-owners of Time Billionaire 


Q: What brought you to Japan? 

A (D): Our mom got a job over here in Japan for a university associated with a military base. So we came over here in about 2016, and we’ve been here since. 


Q: How has living in a different country changed your life? 

A (B): I would say that living in another country helps broaden your horizon a bit and kind of exposes you to different cultures. So it helps you gain different perspectives on different people because people act different everywhere, even though we’re all still humans. 

A (D): I would agree. I would say that living in a different country it gives you a chance to see how different people live in different places.  Because you have different people in different countries  that live a similar lifestyle, but the way that they deal with it, the emotions that they go through in that life is completely different. So living in a different country allows you to see a different perspective on life and how people go about things in general. So I think it’s taught me a lot. 


Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives? 

A (D): Don’t be afraid to go to new places. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to try new things and do new things because a lot of times people are limited by the things that they think they can achieve and the things they think they cannot achieve. So once you try something new, once you really believe in yourself, push and work through that doubt. Work through the things that you think you can’t do or shouldn’t do. Once you actually do those things, you not only see how easy it becomes, but you also see how much you can get done and how much of a change you can do.  

A (B): I would say on top of trying, make a plan because sometimes people just have a certain idea of how things are going to go, but nothing is really planned out and so they end up having extra problems that are kind of unnecessary. So definitely plan things out, know your options and create different plans just in case Plan A doesn’t work out, so you got Plans B, C, and D. That way you know what you’re doing, you know where you’re going, you know how to adapt if something does go wrong.