Name: Christian 

Hometown: California, USA 

Work: Food Content Social Media 


Q: What brought you to Japan? 

A: I always wanted to get into social media. I actually started off with funny Japanese skits, but at the same time I always love food and I tried doing a Japanese food skit one time and it just got a lot of traction. And I figured since I love food and I wanted to be on YouTube, I might as well take it and run with it for as long as possible.  


Q: How has living in a different country changed your life?  

A: I was born and raised in Sacramento and it’s my comforting place to go when I want to relax and hang out, but packing my bags and moving to a foreign country by myself it’s taught me that this is the real world and you gotta work hard. Because it’s Japan and they’re known for their crazy work culture out here it definitely shaped the way I view work. The whole 40-hour work week works for some people, but for me if there’s work to do just get work done. Even if you’re working more than eight hours. If you’re passionate about it, it shouldn’t be a big problem. That’s kind of what living in a different country taught me.  


Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives? 

A: Just go for it. When you’re surrounded by your community of people, I feel that people’s pride is a little higher. But moving to a foreign country, it really makes you humble yourself. There are going to be so many rules and language things while being here, and you’re taking so many losses and failures. And I think for most people, they don’t like to show their failures, but the only way you can become successful, whatever your definition of success is, is by losing and getting a little bit of a win and slowing getting your way up there. I noticed that for myself, personally. I wouldn’t have the confidence to go out and the kind of stuff I was doing if I was back home. It feels like there’s less pressure, and there’s more opportunities for me to go out and try something new.