Name: Benjamin 

Hometown: New Jersey and Florida, USA 

Work: Cinematographer, Photographer, and Visual Artist 


Q: What brought you to Japan? 

The culture, art, landscape and way of life. 


Q: How has living in a different country changed your life?  

A: Living abroad has impacted me in ways that has made me grow as a human being, it’s influenced my work, it’s made me more insightful. I think it’s made me more sensitive to the human condition. It’s been a part of my growth.  


Q: What advice do you have for Black youth and creatives? 

A: For Black youth, as soon as you can, go and see the world. The world is huge. There is a lot to see. There is more than just your immediate environment, there is more than your neighborhood, there is more than your city, there is more than your state, there is more than your country. And I think it would do us a great benefit if we see more of the world, if people see us in more of the world. Show the best of what we have to offer. The world is still wanting and yearning to see more of us. I encourage people to go and see the world. The advice I have for creatives is if you can see it, you can achieve it. If you can visualize  it, you can realize it. I think it all starts with an idea, a passion that you have for something, and following through with it and being consistent. Consistency is currency. And if you can be consistent at what you do, you’re only going to get better, you’re only going to learn from it. You might make mistakes, it might not work out all of the time. But I guarantee you that if you keep going, you’re going to reach some sort of success.