Black Gold is created by Cameron Peagler, who believes art is the flare that illuminates inequality, warms those in need, and challenges the world to view social issues differently. Growing up, Cameron was one of those children who wasn’t given a fair shake in life and endured the additional challenges that come with being multi-racial. If it wasn’t for mentors like Tyron Holley or Devon Berry, he could have been incarcerated trying to survive by selling drugs, died to displaced intracultural violence, or stayed mentally ensnared, unable to bring out his true potential. Understanding these struggles, he became a seasoned registered nurse with a heavy background in international relations and public service.

Understanding the delicate nature of storytelling that goes beyond the mechanical mastery of photography, Cameron focuses on nourishing BIPOC and underprivileged communities through genuine human connection and empowerment. With this in mind, Cameron simultaneously strives to strengthen relations between Japan and the communities he works with.

Read a recent news story about Cameron and the Black Gold exhibit featured in The Japan Times, here.

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