Group Jointer Project

Photoshop generated version.                                          Collage version.                                                 Homemade photoshop version.

The most frustrating thing about this project to me was the photoshop generated part. Photoshop would not put more than 3 or 4 images together at once. The most exciting part was the homemade photoshop version because it allowed us to take our own photos and shape and mold them into a perfect collage. I think our homemade photo shop version is our best because we changed the size and shapes of the image creating a more diverse and well formed collage. Photoshop was definitely not able to make the same decisions that we were. Hockney feels that photoshop does not express movement well and is incapable of projecting a good image. He is right in this case because our photoshop generated image is poorly crafted compared to both of our other collages. I believe that photoshop is a tool for creation as a brush is a tool for painting. The user is making the art but photoshop just assists. I still believe these creations are art, just simply in a different form.


Blog Entry 4

In this image I placed a cruise ship in a small pond, and in the background I placed a storm. I purposefully left space between the mountains and the storm to make it appear as if the storm is far away.

Blog Entry 3

So far in this process of placing my face onto this American Gothic photo graph I have selected parts of each face with the marque tool. After that I averaged them (using filter-blur-averge) and used the RGB colors of the first image, copied those values into to the image of my face. Then I flattened the entire image to match the original. After that I took a large section of my face and placed it on the new image and began shaping it to fit the new image. The title of this image as previously stated is American Gothic and was painted by Grant Wood in 1930. The reason I chose this image was because I always found some humor in the image.

Blog Entry 2: Color

Grey Scale – to edit the grey scale I went to image/mode/grey scale. Applying Grey Scale gives the image only intensity values, no color values.

Desaturated – to desaturate this image I went to image/adjustments/desaturate. Applying desaturation lowers the intensity of the color.

Monotone – to make this image monotone I converted it to grey scale, then selected duotone and then selected a color. This gives the image only one color.

Channel Mixer – to access channel mixer I added a new layer and then adjusted the RGB values.

Blog Entry 1: Elements and Principles

The Elements of Art –

Shape – The counter of a flat object. The shape of this sticker is round.

Form – 3d structure with mass/depth. This baseball has a round from.

Value – an objects brightness/darkness. The brightness and darkness of the mountainside varies throughout the photo.

Space – An objects external/internal areas. The water is the external area and the boat is the internal.

Color – objects chromatic quality. The color of this object is red.

Texture – the tactile quality of a surface. This object has a ribbed texture.

Line – path of a moving point. The edge of this object has a line.

Principles of Design –

Balence – a distribution of equal visual weight

Contrast – a juxtaposition that accentuates difference

Emphasis – an accentuation of importance

Movement – the directed path of optical motion

Pattern – repetition of objects

Proportion – a scaling of objects in relation of one another

Alignment – an arrangement forming a straight line

Unity – harmonious arrangement of visual elements