DID YOU KNOW ticks spread disease?

Tick borne disease is becoming more common in Ohio.

Protect yourself by preventing tick bites:

Where to check for ticks (CDC.gov)

  • Conduct frequent tick checks.
  • Wear light-colored clothing, minimize exposed skin, and tuck pants into socks.
  • Wear Permethrin-treated clothing. These can be purchased or you can treat your own clothes with Permethrin.
  • Apply DEET (25%) or other repellant to skin, follow label instructions (DEET is not sufficient by itself).
  • Hike on trails and avoid tall grass when possible.
  • To protect pets, talk to your veterinarian about anti-tick products.

How to remove a tick:

Proper tick removal (CDC.gov)

  1. Using pointy tweezers, grasp as close to the skin as possible and pull straight upward with steady pressure.
  2. Avoid squeezing or crushing the middle of the tick.
  3. Wash bite site, hands, and tools with soap and water
  4. Store tick in rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer for identification and watch for symptoms. Contact your physician if you notice any symptoms.

For more information on identification, removal, prevention, testing, and diseases transmitted by ticks, see these helpful links:

Important ticks in Ohio:

Deer tick (Ixodes scapularis)

Lone star tick      (Amblyomma americanum)

American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis)

Asian Longhorned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis)




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