Online Course in Veterinary Entomology Available

Enroll in ‘Introduction to Veterinary Entomology’ On-Line Certificate Course

This on-line certificate course provides an introduction to the fascinating world of arthropod pests and vectors (ticks, fleas, flies, etc.) that impact the health and well-being of domestic animals. This introductory course consists of two self-paced modules focused on core concepts in Veterinary Entomology. The topics covered include: 1) What is Veterinary Entomology and why is it relevant?; 2) Epidemiology of vector-borne diseases; 3) The evolution of blood feeding in arthropods; and 4) Human influences on vectors and the pathogens they transmit.  The content is delivered in a series of on-line lectures and readings. Each module has a 15 question quiz to test comprehension of the lecture and reading materials; each quiz requires a score of 70% to earn a certificate (multiple attempts are allowed).


Please click on the link below to register for the course (enrollment fee is $35).

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