H: Health

I am enrolled in Bioethics Case Study class this semester in which we study some of the major ethical controversies over the past 50-100 years. By being enrolled in this class I have learned and formed opinions on different ethical topics and how I can apply these thoughts to my potential healthcare profession.

Major Service Project


BuckeyeThon High School Event: Centerburg High School


Describe your involvement with this organization:

Since I came to Ohio State I always knew I wanted to be involved in an organization that was bigger than myself. So, once I learned about BuckeyeThon at OSU I knew I wanted to get involved with this organization to help the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In BuckeyeThon, my responsibility is to be a high school mentor to one of the Columbus area high schools, Centerburg, and to assist the students and faculty involved there to put on their own dance marathon type event at their school. Each week I communicate with the school to help them plan for the large event they put on for the community. I must advise them on what is the most effective techniques to putting on a large event and how to raise money for their event and get donations from local businesses. By being very involved in the planning process within the high school, I can help create a very successful event.

Describe what you gained as a result of this experience:

As a result of this experience, I have gained vast knowledge on what it takes to plan a large event and how to mentor others. Throughout other organizations I have been involved with, I have planned and run events in the past, but before this project, I had never been the go to resource to running a large event. Reflecting on the event and the past year, I have learned about the vast importance of planning and having an alternate plan in case of problems that emerge. I have also learned the importance of helping others and teaching others for the betterment of the futures. Many of the high school students that I worked with over the past year had never been involved in an organization that has required so much coordination with others. By being a mentor with Centerburg students I have been able to teach and help them grow into a more adult like figure.

Describe positive changes to the community as a result of your service experience:

By putting on SWAGATHON at Centerburg High School in early January, we really made a strong impact on the entire high school community. We had many high school students outside of the organization and community members attend the event during the day. I think the community members were really able to see the impact we were making in the lives of the patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and really connected to the cause of pediatric cancer. By having kids that were treated at Nationwide at our event we were able to encourage those there to have real interactions and conversations with the kids and the families and learn about the experiences they went through. My hope is that because of our event, those in the community can look how lucky their lives are, and how there are many that do not have the same luxuries and health that many of us do, and it is our responsibility as community members to help those that are less fortunate.

Describe a person with whom you interacted that made a strong impression on you, positive or negative:

A person that I have interacted with during this project is one of the BuckeyeThon Kids Riley. Riley has overcome bone cancer and has become one of the most fun loving people I have met. For someone who has gone through so much in her life, she is so carefree and loves to attend the high schools events like SWAGATHON. By being able to hang out with her and interact with her, she has inspired me to never give up and keep pushing through all of the challenges. The biggest lasting impression Riley has had on me is the infectious happiness she has. Riley has created her own brand called Simley Riley because everyone should be happy in life no matter what. I have learned that no matter what happens, their is always a reason to smile.

Complete the following sentence: “Because of this service experience, I am__________”

Because of this service experience, I am a better….

  • Community member
  • Student and friend
  • Mentor
  • At inspiring others
  • Person

Year in Review

As the spring semester of my sophomore year here at Ohio State comes to a close, I can reflect on my experiences here at the University as well as the Health Science Scholars program. When I came to Ohio State I was a student who thought that I wanted to go to medical school to be a doctor. Being a part of HSS and the university community I have had experiences that have confirmed this career path. Through the HSS program I have been able to volunteer and have service experience throughout the city of Columbus, as well as learn about the many avenues in the healthcare field. Through HSS peers I have been able to take classes and study together and learn to love the sciences here at Ohio State. Coming into the HSS program, I wanted to be able to have experiences, and lectures and an overall confirmation that going down the healthcare and/or medical school career path is the right thing for me. Looking back after 2 years, I can say that I am now an active member of the OSU community who has a passion for medicine and helping others in the healthcare field.

Looking into my final two years of my undergraduate degree here at Ohio State, I want to continue to grow as a person and a student. I strive to continue to participate in experiences that help me link the things I am learning in the classroom to out of the classroom. I want to continue to be active in research here at the university and explore research in a capacity outside of Ohio State. I believe that participating in a study abroad trip would bring all of the things I have learned in Columbus full circle and bringing service to the fore front of my life. I strive to take all of these lessons and be able to apply them in whatever direction my life and career take me in the future.

S: Service Engagement

I am a High School Events Mentor for the organization BuckeyeThon on campus. I serve the community by being helping high school students construct and put on their own fundraisers and events that benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

L: Leadership Development

I was hired as a University Ambassador (Tour Guide) in 2015 and have continued into 2016. I am able to practice leadership and be a leader among my peers by working in the office of undergraduate admissions.

A: Academic Enrichment

I am working as an undergraduate in an immunology research lab over the course of 2015-2016. I am able to apply many of the techniques and knowledge I learn in the classroom to various projects and experiments on a daily basis.

Career- Resume

Nicholas Bishop

101 E. 12th Ave. Apt. D, Columbus, OH 43201 | 443-340-5254 | bishop.589@osu.edu


National Buckeye Scholar                     Provost Scholar

Biomedical Science Scholar                  National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Dean’s List 2015


Health Sciences Scholars (HSS) Program                                                                        August 2014 – Present

  • Participate in a community-based program for first and second year students in health-related careers.
  • Complete 40+ community service hours per year.


Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital                                                                                         January 2015 – August 2015

  • Provide support and information to family members in the surgical visitors lounge area.
  • Coordinate conference room services and setup for doctors and medical staff.


BuckeyeThon Dance Marathon                                                                                            September 2014 – Present

High School Events Expansion Coordinator 

  • Assist in the implementation of annual dance marathon to raise funds for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Recruit and inspire over 4,000 Ohio State students to participate in the event.
  • Coordinate and expand high school participation to reach fundraising goals



University of Maryland Hospital – Shock Trauma- Baltimore, MD                     September 2013 – July 2014

  • Supported medical staff, paramedics and patients in Trauma Resuscitation Unit.
  • Procured supplies from Pharmacy and Materials Management.
  • Transported specimens to the lab and blood from Blood Bank.


National Student Leadership Conference Medicine and Health Care Forum, Washington DC                   2012     

  • Interacted with scientists at National Institutes of Health to understand research techniques and advances being made in the biotechnology industry.
  • Learned medical examination and surgical techniques, and performed clinical rounds with residents at University of Maryland Hospital.



SEA-Phage Bacteriophage Isolation                                                                                  August 2014 –December 2014

Research Project

  • Isolated bacteriophages from soil samples around Ohio State University.
  • Purification techniques of streaking and phage-titer assays were performed to purify population.
  • Purified phage was isolated and its DNA sequenced to determine novelty.

ZiPani/ Kismet Café, Eldersburg, MD                                                                               May 2013 – Present


  • Interact with customers to prepare orders and provide customer service.
  • Develop customer relationships to increase business and ensure customer loyalty.



The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH                                                                     May 2018 (expected)

  • Major- Biomedical Science
  • Relevant Courses- General Chemistry, General Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biomedical Science Research Literature, Research lab techniques
  • GPA: 3.66


Informational Interview


Informational Interview: Carl Cefalu

Why did you select this person to interview?

I selected this person to interview to gain some insight on the different career paths in the healthcare field. I am currently in the second year of majoring in Biomedical Science and have the current plans of applying and attending medical school. I chose to interview Dr. Cefalu to gain insight and information about the optometry field and how a career in optometry is. I have wanted to attend medical school for years, but since coming to Ohio State my mind has opened up to the other professions that I can be in involved with in the healthcare field. By conducting this interview I hope that I gain insight about what optometry offers as a career.

Describe the major responsibilities in the role?

The major responsibilities involved in the job include performing different clinical tests and evaluations of patients but also up keeping medical records and dealing with paper work from various insurance companies. Every day as an optometrist you must perform the standard evaluations of the eyes. If there is a certain deficiency in the eyes or some condition that the patient suffers from you must evaluate the symptoms and perform a diagnosis on the patient and recommend various treatment options. In addition to the standard diagnosing of patients, if you own your own business, you must also deal with the various insurance paperwork. Depending on the recommended treatment and operations performed, you must bill the insurance companies various amounts and stay transparent with the specific patient.

Discuss how the person prepared for this role, and if they provided you with any advice as what you might be able to do to prepare for a similar career.

Dr. Cefalu attended Ohio State for a bachelors degree and continued on to graduate from Ohio State’s optometry school. To prepare for the current role of being an active optometrist, Dr. Cefalu committed to working hard and learning the knowledge he needed to to be an expert in his profession. Advice that he provided was to always keep working hard and do not give up on your dream whatever that may be. He also recommended that although it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams of attending medical/optometry school, you must have fun and find something to do that allows you to relax. If you cannot find something to do that provides relaxation and relief from the ever day challanges of the healthcare field, you will burn out very quickly.

Summarize any insights from the interview that might be helpful in your academic or career preparation.

The insight that I gained from this interview is to choose what you want to do in life and do not let anyone else talk you out of it. Choosing your career and attending a graduate school is a lifetime decision, and you need to do something that you love. For the healthcare field in particular he recommends volunteering in a variety of different fields to find the one that fits you the best. I think this will lead to me looking at careers beyond just medical school, and open up my mind to all of the possible professions there are in healthcare and find the one that will make me the most happy.

About Me

Portfolio pic

I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Science on the Pre Medical School track. I am currently a research assistant in Dr. Satoskar/McGwire’s immunology research lab. In this lab I study the parasitic infections of the Leishmania Donovani, and Trypanosoma Cruzi parasites. I also work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a University Ambassador, giving tours of campus to prospective students, families and VIPs of the university. I am involved in a social fraternity on campus, Pi Kappa Alpha, as well as BuckeyeThon, which is a the largest philanthropic student organization raising funds for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in downtown Columbus, Ohio.