“Framing Campus as an Ecosystem” with Rick Livingston

Where: Hopkins Hall

When: Thursday, December 10th from 11am-1pm

As part of the BioPresence exhibit going up in Hopkins Hall next week, Rick Livingston, The Associate Director of the Humanities Institute,  will head an open discussion of “Framing Campus as an Ecosystem”.

“BioPresence” is a project funded by an OSU Framework Planning grant documenting the presence of other-than-human animals around Main Campus, and raising questions about the ecological dimensions of the university’s 50-Year Campus Planning framework.  Our underlying question was: how can we make campus a more hospitable place for other species, especially in light of such plans as restoring the Olentangy and restoring a significant portion of tree cover to the campus?  How can ideas for “greening OSU” involve more than decorative color schemes?

The exhibit, organized by Amy Youngs and Ken Rinaldo, documents a variety of animal encounters over the past year and marks the beginning of the next phase of the BioPresence project. Looking to open a more explicit dialogue between our everyday habits and expectations and the longer-term concerns of the planning vision, we want to gather ideas from a wide variety of stakeholders in the Framework.

We welcome and value your perspectives and to invite others who may be interested in the discussion.  If you can’t make it at that time, come late or leave early: there will be ways to contribute your thinking. Please come and make your presence known!

Further reading:  Beyond the Vanishing Point by Rick Livingston

For more information about BioPresence you can always visit the website: https://u.osu.edu/biopresence/