Second Year in Review

My second year at OSU was probably one of the most challenging and one of the largest growing periods of my life.

During my first semester of my second year, I took on advanced anatomy, biology, and an upper level neuroscience class. Although I only took three classes, I spent more time in the library my first semester of sophomore year than I had during my first or second semester of freshman year. Although my classes were extremely challenging, I enjoyed learning the new material and found mostly every lecture interesting. Additionally, I decided to join two new clubs: CHAARG and a volunteer club that visited the Ronald McDonald house every other Sunday.

During my second semester, I traveled abroad with Semester at Sea. On the program, I circumnavigated the world on a ship and woke up in a new port every week. We started in Mexico and then traveled to Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and The Netherlands. During the time we spent traveling from country to country I took classes on women’s rights around the world, world music, sports around the world, and cultures and religions around the world. Once we arrived to each country, I was able to travel with a group of friends to learn about the country on our own. My second semester was such an eye opening experience I’ll never forget. Not only did I experience a whole new way of learning traveling abroad, but I also learned so much about myself.

Vision Statement

During my last two years on campus, my main focus will be preparing for Dental School and doing well on the Dental Admissions Test. To do so, I plan on working hard in class to get the best grades possible and getting involved outside of the classroom to volunteer, find leadership positions, and pursue my hobbies through various clubs and activities. I hope to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to grow and mature during my remaining time as an undergrad student.

OSU Waxing Clinic

Back in November, I went to the pre-clinic lab in OSU’s Dental School with Pre-Dental Club. We learned techniques on how to apply wax to a tooth and how to shape wax using various instruments from current dental students. We were able to ask dental students any questions we had, which was extremely helpful. Attending this event allowed me to learn more about daily life as a dental student and the skills that are needed to become a dentist. Additionally, it was a great networking opportunity, and I am more excited than ever to continue my journey to become a dentist!

OSU College of Dentistry Pre-Dental Day

I attended Ohio State’s College of Dentistry’s Pre-Dental Day for perspective dental students. For the first half of the day, various speakers provided tips for getting into dental schools, tips about the Dental Admissions Test, and general information about what it takes to be a dentist. During the second half of the day, we went down to the lab and were able to talk to current dental students and learn more about their daily lives. We also learned how to take impressions and how to drill teeth! At the end of the day, we were able to take home one tooth we drilled and our finished impressions. After attending Pre-Dent day, I am excited to continue my journey to become an orthodontist!

Newport Aquarium

I was able to travel to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky with the Biological Sciences Scholars group and another scholars group. We were able to touch stingrays and sharks and also observe various types of freshwater organisms and salt water organisms. Throughout the trip I was able to meet new people in my scholar’s group and also learn more about marine organisms.

Global Awareness

Global Awareness is where students expand and develop their appreciation for diversity, knowledge of other cultures, and individual differences. Last spring semester, I traveled abroad with Semester at Sea to eleven different countries. Almost every week, we docked in a new country, and I was able to immerse myself in the culture around me. Not only did I learn about a country through physical experiences and conversations with locals, but I also learned about cultures and religions during class on the ship. To further expand my knowledge on diversity and other cultures, next fall semester, I hope to obtain a Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement (DICE) certificate.

Original Inquiry

Original Inquiry is where students become more independent by either getting involved in research or completing creative inquiry projects. During my third year, I might get involved with research in the Neuroscience field or dental field.

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment is where students challenge themselves in and outside the classroom. I’m majoring in Neuroscience and I’m also on the Pre-Dental track, so several of my classes are science based and higher level courses.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is where students grow and advance their leadership skills that will prepare them for their future career. Last year, I was a Biological Sciences Scholars Mentor, and I hope to become one again in the upcoming year. Next year, I hope to become a fitness instructor for OSU and lead classes at the gyms on campus. Additionally, I would like to become a Red Cross Ambassador on campus.

Moonlight Canoeing

Moonlight canoeing was one of the best experiences I had during my first few months at Ohio State. We were able to watch a beautiful sunset while floating down the Olentangy River, and as the night went on, a full moon came into view. After reaching the half way point, we all gathered together in our canoes to play a game of two truths and one lie. Less than 20 people attended this scholar’s event, so by the end of trip, I was able to know a little more about everyone.