Welcome to the Body Image Health Task Force website. Our goal is to provide The Ohio State University, and other communities, with resources for exploring the issue of body image disturbance. At all levels of inquiry we offer an anonymous means to seek what you are looking for.

The Body Image Health Task Force was established in 1996. It was created by concerned individuals over issues of anorexia, bulimia, excessive exercise, laxative and diuretic abuse, fad dieting, and disorders dealing with body hatred and self-mutilation that are present on the OSU campus. This collaborative group is comprised of faculty, staff, and students from various disciplines and departments from around the campus community, including Consumer Sciences, Counseling and Consultation Service, Recreational & Physical Activity Center (RPAC) and Student Wellness


To encourage healthy behavior related to body image by challenging prevailing norms and providing resources.


To encourage the acceptance of individualism and foster self-esteem in a positive, healthy manner for all university members.


  • Promoting a climate of caring and mutual respect
  • Commitment to collaboration
  • Efforts regarding our mission
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Acceptance of individual differences