The Ballad of Hayden Bidinger

Read here for a story

But not one of grand glory

About a boy afraid of boring

Who’s life and charm you may end up adoring


Hayden is his name

He came from the city of Wrigley game

At home he would say

“O’ despite this big city

My stagnation is a pity

How can I brighten my day?”

So to escape life so lame

He came to OSU to change up the same, same


But the boy’s heart lies else where

He dreams to travel where other’s wouldn’t dare

So he joined IA

To help him find his worldly way


Through trials and tribulations

Heartaches and pain

There is nothing that can make Hayden’s energy wane

For it’s charged with love and fascination


This rhyme may be ending

but Hayden’s story has just begun

Thank you for your ear’s a lending

now see the pictures of Hayden having fun!