Event 17: Final Current Event Catch Up

This Zoom meeting took place on 4/5/2021 and was hosted by Samantha Zimmerman. I attended the event later on through the recorded Zoom because my professors decided that April was to be “International Work Hayden To Death Month”. From the death of Ghanaian dolphins to the arrest of the Honduran President’s brother, Samatha did a wonderful job of summarizing and sharing the events of the week. One thing that made me chuckle was the Kahoot question, “Is Stonehenge being dismantled?” For my archaeology class this semester, I had to take like 4 pages of noted exclusively on Stonehenge and there is no way that the archaeologists, local politicians, and New Age druids would ever allow anything to happen to the site. I acknowledge that the site is incredibly important to the Neolithic prehistory of the British Isles and even Europe, but there isn’t a lot to do in the entirety of Wiltshire, England. I think the entire county would go into the red if Stonehenge magically disappeared one day. Another question that I found interesting was “whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic could have been prevented?” Like Madison said, I don’t think the pandemic could have been prevented entirely, I just don’t think we can control natural forces to that extent yet, but there could’ve been a lot more done by global leaders to lessen the effects of the pandemic.

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