Event 16: Goin’ Global Informational Session (Professional Development)

This event occurred on Monday, November 2nd and was hosted by Alex Lane. I chose this event because I am still interested in study abroad after my Dresden Summer Program trip was canceled because of that big jerk of a disease known as Covid-19. I did not attend this event at the time but revisited the Zoom video later on. Turns out, this presentation had nothing to do with study abroad and this is what happens when you randomly jump into things after only reading the name. Turns out, GoinGlobal actually has to do with finding jobs and internships abroad. This is not exactly what I’m going for while at OSU but you bet I’m gonna get the heck outta the US and experience the greater world as soon as I can. I’m not sure GoinGlobal is the best fit for me but it is a good resource to keep in the utility belt for later on. These days, I’m heavily considering going to Germany for graduate school and trying to get into the workforce from there but we’ll see. If I’ve learned anything from 2020 it’s that plans are not always gonna stick. Sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re dealt.

Event 15: Current Events Catcht Up 3 (Academic)

This event was mostly composed of a Kahoot quiz and follow up informational presentation, both hosted by the Samantha Zimmerman. The energy was a chill and jovial Sunday night Zoom call where IA members could get up to date on current events. For myself personally, I did decent on the Kahoot but there were some world events that I was unaware of. More absurd things like the president of Turkmenistan building a giant gold statue of his dog in the center of a roundabout was in my radar but I wasn’t up to date about how the protests in Sudan have been developing. If I have to attribute my lack of information to anything it would be just the trip and a half that this semester has been. I definitely over extended myself and the fact that I have asynchronous lectures that turn an hour and 20 mins of lecture into a three hour power point doesn’t help me stay up to date with world events. One of my goals for winter break is to get back into the habit of being better informed about current events since I will have more free time. Hopefully, the current events could get a little brighter after a dark year.