Event 14: Current State of Immigration Policy (Jedi)

This event occurred on Friday, October 23rd and was hosted by OSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The event was moderated by Maria Ortero any featured several speakers who spoke about the state of immigration policy under the Trump Administration. For the sake of transparency, I also viewed this event after it occurred. The speakers spoke about topics such as the status of DACA, relief, Jewish refugees in WW2, and much much more. All the speakers did a great job presenting the state of American immigration policy and were clearly very passionate about the issue. After viewing the video, I did some texting rounds to some friends making sure they are registered to vote. The treatment of human being that are trying to immigrate the the US by the Trump administration is downright evil. Plain and simple. Political opinions aside, people just flat out should not treat other people like that no matter what. These days when I think of immigration, I think of sitting in on the immigration court hearing during the IA trip to D.C. my freshman year. Before that day I was still very open in terms of immigration, but to see the despair on those people’s faces haunts me. People who have anti-immigrant and xenophobic tendencies to watch those hearing because you have to be a monster to not feel something about it.

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