Event 13: Applying to PhD Program with IA+OSU (Professional Development)

This event occurred on October 12th and was hosted by Steven, Samantha Zimmerman, and Sam Stelnicki. I chose this event because with anthropology I will probably need a PhD if I want to make a larger amount of money and eventually teach anthropology at the college level. On of the best ways to get a good amount of money with Anthropology is to publish books and a big old “Dr.” in front of my rather unimposing name would add ethos and drive sales. This is a very money focused little side tangent I just went on but we all know no one goes into anthro for the money… Anyways, in all transparency I watched this as a recorded Zoom video after the fact because my workload has it out for me right now. Sam is currently pursuing a PhD in Econ and does clarify that depending on what you’re researching, the requirements vary greatly. That being said, she emphasized how important engaging in undergraduate research is. What surprised me was how much wiggle room she has about deciding what to do in her program. I thought it would be more “you should have it figured out by now”. That being said, my heart did sink when she spoke about her workload

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