Event 11: Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) Information Session (Service)

This event was occurred on August 27th and was hosted by Steven and Jeremy Holon. I’ve been wanting to do CRIS since I first heard about it last year during the IA community meeting. At the time, I was apprehensive about becoming a mentor because I wanted to give myself some time to adjust to Columbus and being in college. Being a mentor also sounded kinda scary and I was worried about having that much of an affect on another person’s life. After this meeting, I know I definitely want to work with CRIS but I’m not sure in what capacity. Interning Sous a kinda interesting but I feel like I would be doing more good work by being a mentor. This also leads to the why I want to work with CRIS, I wanna do good work. I feel, sorta in the center of my chest, the drive to help and do the work that is necessary. I feel almost physically compelled to work with CRIS and other service organization in college and the only reason I can really explain why is I feel the need to. Hopefully, I figure out what capacity I will work with CRIS soon and can begin doing the good work.

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