Event 10: DAAD Rise Information Session (Academic)

I chose to watch the recording of this event because I was set to study abroad in Dresden this summer but that went out the window so I thought why not learn about more programs that go to Germany. This one is an internship too so my bank account will be less disappointed in me spending money to go over seas if I decide to apply in the future. That being said, it is a STEM program but with a recession coming up Anthropology might just not cut it so I’m keeping my options open. Allison did a great job sharing information about the program and I giggled at imagining an American trying to speak German with a Swedish accent. I sorta like the appeal of it not being a study abroad program per se and having the freedom of just being an intern in Germany. The program looks challenging to get into but the rewards seem great and it seems like a fantastic experience. If I’m being honest, one of my favorite things about watching this recording was watching Steven stare intensely at his phone and occasionally letting his mouth fall ever so slightly open as Allison eloquently explained the program.

Event 9: Current Events Convo (Social)

With the over-abundance of good news coming from all directions in the world right now (read this with intense yet defeated sarcasm), I have been limiting my access to online news outlets for my own sanity. That is why I decided to pick this event, to help me catch up on current events in a way that felt better than reading the soul crushing articles I normally would have. Unfortunately I could not be at the Zoom but I did watch the recording, my reason for absence being my brain and motivation have turned to mush. From Dutch flowers to Central Asia (I actually do know a bit about the region because I had nothing better to do than early high school then to suck up obscure geographical knowledge) it was much more refreshing to hear people talk about news than to stare into Don Lemon’s tired eyes as I sit in depressing silence watching CNN with my mom. Sam did a great job relaying information about current events in a way that I enjoyed. It was also good to hear from you (I’m assuming Steven is reading this), Mitch, and Zaida. One downside though is that after watching the recording I somehow miss OSU more than I already did.