Event 8: Lunar New Year Lantern Making (Social)

On January 23rd, several members of Ia and myself headed down to the Smith basement to engage in some light-hearted lantern making. This wasn’t a particularly traditional or culturally oriented take on lantern making but it was a fun night of simple arts and crafts. I wasn’t on a mission to make an artistic statement here so I just chatted while following instructions and I had a chill time. My favorites colors are orange and purple in that order  so yes, I made a heinous orange and purple lantern but I love it. It definitely looks like a 6 year old made it. I believe this event plays more into the community aspect of IA where a bunch of us got to meet up and create something. I’m of the opinion that college students tend to take themselves too seriously and therefore try to make many things into serious issues that really aren’t. This event wasn’t serious but there is something to be learned being able to make connections while doing something just for fun. It doesn’t take an enlightening experience, a great act of service, or a deep conversation to find a similar wavelength you can ride with other people. Sometimes all it takes is some construction paper, Elmer’s glue, scissors, strings, and a good mood.

Event 7: Let’s Taco About (Growth) + Failure (Professional Development)

On January 11th, about 15 IA freshman, a few IA LC members, and myself met in the sky lounge of Smith-Steeb to talk about dealing with failure in academic and professional settings. The LC members brought Chipotle burritos and tortilla chips for everyone to partake in which we were grateful for. I personally did not eat anything because I had already eaten my last meal of the day before hand. During this session several LC members talked about their own personal experiences with failure and how it affected them. They shared a lot of personal information which was touching that they were willing to open up to us. We then talked about strategies on how to deal with stress, failure, and other tense aspects of being a young adult. Then some of the freshman and myself shared our own thoughts and asked questions on how we should deal with our own issues. One freshman who I won’t name is very concerned and anxious about the immediate affects of climate change. LC members and freshman alike chimed in with bits of advice that we hope will help him cope with that particular issue. Overall, it was a nice, chill experience where everyone involved could talk about their issues and receive good council.