Peer-Reviewed Articles

Bhungalia, L. 2015. “Managing Violence: Aid, Counterinsurgency, and the Humanitarian Present in Palestine.” Environment and Planning A, 47(11): 2308-2323.

Bhungalia, L. 2012. “Im/Mobilities in a ‘Hostile Territory’: Managing the Red Line.’” Geopolitics 17(2): 256-275.

Bhungalia, L. 2010. “A Liminal Territory: Gaza, Executive Discretion and Sanctions Turned Humanitarian.” GeoJournal 75(4): 347-357.


Co-Authored Peer-Reviewed Articles

Lopez, T., L. Bhungalia, and L. Newhouse. 2015. Introduction to the Special Issue, “Geographies of Humanitarian Violence.” Environment and Planning A 47(11): 2232 –2239.


Co-Edited Journal Issue

Lopez, T., L. Bhungalia, and L. Newhouse (eds). 2015. Geographies of Humanitarian Violence, Environment and Planning A 47(11).


Online Publications

Bhungalia, L. 2012. “’From the American People’: Sketches of the U.S. National Security State in Palestine.” Jadaliyya, 18 September.


Book Reviews

Bhungalia, L. (forthcoming) Review of Police Encounters: Security and Surveillance in Gaza under Egyptian Rule by Ilana Feldman. Theoretical Criminology

Bhungalia, L. 2016. On USAID, soft power, and American globalism: A review of Development, Security, and Aid: Geopolitics and Geoeconomics at the U.S. Agency for International Development by J. Essex. Dialogues in Human Geography 6(1): 88-90.

Bhungalia, L. 2014. A review of Parting Ways: Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism by J. Butler. Society and Space, Open Site.

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