Your Academic Peer Coaches

Ashton Shook, Academic Peer Coach

Ashton is from Zanesville, Ohio, where he graduated from Maysville High School. Ashton is very passionate about social justice, community engagement, hiking, traveling, reading, trying new things, and pushing personal boundaries. In his free time, Ashton enjoys spending time in nature, with his friends, staying fit, and also enjoys indulging in the arts, such as art museums, theatre performances, and concerts. He is currently involved with the Campus Corner: Student Food Pantry, and the American Red Cross. He was a member of the BGLC his first year and credits it for his success thus far. He states that without the help from the coaches and his peers in the learning community, he would not be the person nor the student that he is today. He is now in his junior year at OSU Newark and is majoring in Social Work with a minor in Substance Misuse and Addiction. After graduation, he would like to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work, with a concentration on mental health and substance misuse.

Kenzie Brownfield, Academic Peer Coach

Kenzie is a senior English major at The Ohio State University. She is a coach for both the
Buckeye Generation Learning Community and the Engineering Learning Community. Helping
younger students to connect more fully with one another and encouraging their growth is very
important to her, as she is also a first-generation college student. Once she graduates, she
plans on going to graduate school, wherein she hopes to get her masters in Social Work,
something she has gained a passion for through her work at Ohio State. During her free time,
she enjoys playing with her beautiful puppy, Lily Belle, as well as dying her hair funky colors,
reading, and being with friends and family.

Maddie Fitzpatrick, Academic Peer Coach

Maddie is from Cincinnati, Ohio where she graduated from Milford High School. She is currently pursuing a Zoology degree in her sophomore year at the Newark Campus. She is passionate about the well-being of animals and helping others in need. Maddie loves reading, painting, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. One of her favorite family activities is sitting around the bonfire telling stories or playing board games. Currently, she is involved in the Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) and volunteers at River Hills Christian Church in Loveland, Ohio. She also plans to work with organizations that focus on the conservation of endangered animals. After her undergraduate education in Zoology, Maddie plans to go to grad school to pursue veterinary medicine and become a zoo veterinarian.