**Please, keep an eye on this page for further updates.


Learning Community Priority Housing Consideration:

Buckeye Generation Learning Community students who wish to live in Newark campus residence hall housing with other members of the learning community will receive priority consideration; however, housing cannot be guaranteed. Students must apply to the learning community by April 1st and submit their housing contracts and pay the $350 housing deposit to the Housing Office in Columbus by April 15th to receive priority consideration.

All students accepted into the learning community and who receive priority consideration for housing will be placed in learning community rooms in McConnell Hall, our newest hall.

Please read over all of the information provided on this webpage thoroughly for details on housing and dining plans.

Deadline for priority consideration for learning community housing is April 15th, which is earlier than the normal housing deadline for OSU. Please be aware of this earlier priority deadline. Priority consideration does not guarantee you will receive housing. Students who are not placed in learning community housing will be able to still participate in the general housing lottery. 

If you are planning to live on-campus and do NOT plan to apply for the Learning Community the deadline to submit your contract to be included in the housing lottery is April 27th.

Questions regarding Ohio State Newark’s housing lottery should be directed to the Housing Office at https://housing.osu.edu, housing@osu.edu or 614-292-8266.


General Fee Information:

All housing and dining fees shown on this page reflect current year room and board rates for students in the Tuition Guarantee for the 2019-2020 Cohort (TG20) and are provided here to help with your planning purposes only. Rates undergo a comprehensive review and are subject to approval by The Ohio State University Board of Trustees. Rates for 2021-2022 will be posted on the Housing and Dining websites once approved. Students should check their University Statement of Account for their fees a couple months in advance before each semester begins. Housing fees (including dining plans) are due at the same time as tuition.

Notice of university billing, including Housing and Dining fees, is sent to students’ Ohio State e-mail address. Students are responsible for providing access to the statement to parents/guardians or anyone who is paying on their behalf. Please note students are the owner of their Ohio State account and must authorize permission ahead of time, by completing a Student Information Release, before Ohio State can communicate with parents/guardians or others regarding any financial account matters.


Housing & Fees:

Students who would like priority consideration for learning community housing must select to live on-campus in McConnell Hall during their housing selection process. If you do not,  and you receive priority consideration you will be automatically placed in McConnell Hall and may need to make housing/dining adjustments as necessary.

During your housing selection process, you may suggest a friend (of same gender) that has also been accepted into the learning community to dorm with you; however, these preferences are not guaranteed.

Due to limited learning community housing space, students will not be able to pull in a friend that they would like to room with who have not been accepted into the learning community.

Take a virtual tour of McConnell Hall double occupancy rooms or the McConnell Hall bath area or explore all of McConnell Hall through the virtual tour available on our Newark campus homepage.

For students in the Tuition Guarantee for the 2019-2020 Cohort (TG20), the cost to live in McConnell Hall (2 person/gender specific room) was $4,020 per semester.

Visit the University Housing website to see updated rates for McConnell Hall for 2020-2021 once they have been approved by the Board of Trustees.


Dining Plans & Fees:

Dining plans are required for on-campus housing. Students living in learning community housing in McConnell Hall must choose between the McConnell Hall dining plan or the Declining Balance dining plan. For current students in the Tuition Guarantee for the 2019-2020 Cohort (TG20), these dining plans were:

McConnell Hall dining plan $1,410
Declining Balance dining plan $2,152

Visit the University Dining Services website to see updated fees for these two dining plan options for 2021-2022 once they have been approved by the Board of Trustees.

Meal plans can be used at any Student Life Dining Services location including Table of Contents in the Warner Center or the Cyber Cafe at the Reese Center.