Thank you for your interest in the Buckeye Generation Learning Community. The application for the 2020-2021 academic year is now open and we are accepting applicants at this time. Please fill out the form below!




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  1. I would really like to be apart of a learning community, because I would be a great team member. Also I would represent the learning community to the best of my ability every second. I would be able to learn and grow, with others like me. We could learn together, if we are not even in the same classes. At The Ohio State University Newark, I would not only be prepared for the workforce after graduation, but for life.

    • Thank you, Nazreth! Be sure to submit your application for the BGLC program located under Application on the left-hand navigation bar! We look forward to receiving your application!

  2. I really hope to be apart of this program, I would love to get more involved within the school and be able to help and support others as well.

  3. I would love to be a part of this program because I want to get to know others like me. It would give me a greater chance to meet people and make new friends knowing how shy I can be in new surroundings. This group would give the greater opportunity to help others in subjects or situations they’re struggling with and give others the chance to help me with I might struggle with. A team is important to have in a new environment.

    • Hello Nickala! We look forward to reviewing your application! Be sure to apply by the April 1st deadline if you haven’t already done so.

  4. I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to join The Ohio State University Newark’s Buckeye Generation Learning Community. Being able to become more involved with my school is an amazing feeling, as well as experiencing this opportunity with students like myself would be beneficial, easing the college transition. As I would grow alongside my peers creating friendships would allow me to assist others in need of help easily, knowing we were in classes together; as well as me receiving help when needed. College can become a burden rather than a life time experience of joy when not knowing anyone, and being able to be offered this opportunity to know my peers and ease the transition from high school, I have no clue why I would not want to join. As a result of this I would love to become a member of this wonderful organization. GO BUCKS.

  5. I would love the opportunity for any help with the transition. When I was younger in Alabama I was at a very small school then when we moved back to Ohio I’m still in a small school my class is 44. So going to Ohio State is exciting and very nervous, I think this is a great opportunity.

    • Thank you, Andrew. We look forward to reviewing your application. Ohio State Newark will be a great place for you…small campus, big opportunities!

  6. I really hope to get into this program, because its such an amazing opportunities were you could get it once in life. Im wiling to learn more about so i can have an ideas were i can help other as well. when you help yourself first then is the time that to help others.

  7. I really hope to be accepted into this program. Its a great way for me to make friends while also learning at the same time. I look forward to all the great people I will meet and being on campus more because of this program.

  8. I really hope that I can get accepted into this program because I was meant for something like this. It will be a great opportunity for me to make new friends and enjoy the experience in campus. I am also looking forward to arrive on campus so that I can have a fresh start at something new and better. Also, being at the Ohio State University of Newark will also make me proud of myself, my family, and also the kindergarten teacher who also went to The Ohio StateUniversity , Amy Sipes, and I’m honoring her!!! GO BUCKS!!!

    • Hi Isaiah, it’s great to hear about how excited you are to be a buckeye. Please make sure you fill out your application and submit it soon. We can’t wait to hear more about you!

  9. I really hope I get accepted into this program, this will be such a great opportunity to get help whiles I’m transitioning from high school to college life. I also look forward to the great family I’ll be apart of on campus

    • Hi Yvonne, thank you for reaching out. The Learning Communities are a great start to meet new people and adapt to the college life! Please be sure you fill out your LC application and submit it as we will be reviewing those soon. We look forward to hearing more about you.

  10. I am so excited to receive the opportunity to even apply for this community. The outlets OSU are giving us within this program are amazing, and will really help me transition from high school life to college life. I’m very excited to start next year at Newark!

  11. I pray that i get accepted into this program, it will be such an amazing opportunity to experience different diversities and a different environment. I would also love to be more involved in the school so I’ll be able to support and help out one another. I look forward to meeting my new BUCKEYE family and friends.

  12. Thank you for considering me to apply to this learning community. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what new opportunities awaits.

  13. I just submitted my application after receiving a letter about this program in the mail. I am beyond excited to have been given this opportunity because this program feels like just the positive community for me. I hope I can be accepted into this program not only to learn and thrive, but to encourage others to do the same through positivity! Everyone deserves to feel positive about themselves and to learn in a safe environment alongside others with similar goals. I am super excited to meet everyone at Newark campus this upcoming year. Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. I truly hope I will be given the opportunity to be a part of the Learning Community. I believe that they could help me in so many ways such as making new friends which is something I struggle with. They will also help me to feel at home at the campus while also assisting me and bettering me in my academic classes.

  15. I didn’t have an easy route getting into the college process. xxx I would truly be blessed to find a community to help with the first year anxiety that comes along with college. I see all of the eager OSU 2019 students commenting, and it makes me elated to know that I am not the only one in the same position. I will be so grateful to be accepted into this organization and to have such great people as friends/peers, that’ll help guide the way throughout school.

  16. I would love to be part of your program. I believe it will be a great opportunity for me to make new friends and to feel more welcomed into college.

  17. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to apply to this amazing organization. I really hope I get accepted.

  18. I really hope I can get accepted into this program because I believe it will help transition from high school to college life as well as give me that close nit family feel I’m use to.

  19. I’m so greatful that I have this opportunity to apply for such an amazing program. I really hope to get accepted and get involved in such a great school. Starting this journey with 119 other nervous and excited students would be so exciting and really give a jump start to my college experience here at The Ohio State University.

  20. I am really excited and hope to be accepted because it will help make my transition from high school to college a lot less stressful because I am from a small town and school. This community will really help me succeed.

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    This opportunity will leave no regrets. I hope I really get in. Thank you for your time

  22. I am very grateful to even be considered for this program. I think with this opportunity, it will benefit not only me, but the other people in the Learning Community.

  23. By being accepted into this program I would be gaining a support system of new friends and teachers. I will be embarking my journey through freshman year with an amazing group of people. I will have the guidance of teachers who truly want for all of us to succeed. I would be honored!

  24. Thank you for the opportunity to apply. I am grateful to be considered for an amazing program like this one!

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