Applications still being accepted!

We are still accepting applications after the April 1st deadline. Students who apply at this time may be added to a waitlist and accepted as spots become available. Students will be notified if they have been added to the waitlist and again if a spot opens up in the program and they are accepted.

Priority consideration for housing is not available for students who are not accepted by April 15th.

Now accepting applications for 2024-2025!

We hope you consider applying to one of the most incredible student success programs at Ohio State Newark! The application now available, which you can access under the “Application” tab on the left-hand navigation bar. Students are encouraged to pay their non-refundable Ohio State Acceptance Fee by this time as well, if applicable. There is no fee to apply to the learning community. Our program is free and is for the primary purpose to support our students in their success!

If you have questions, please leave a comment on this site or call 740-755-7881.

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you as you become a Buckeye next fall!

All about the Buckeye Generation Learning Community

Starting in 2012, the Buckeye Generation Learning Community (BGLC) is our longest running learning community here at the Newark campus, and has continually grown since it began. The purpose of the BGLC is to enrich the experience of first-generation college students in their first year of college. Students who participate in the BGLC can expect to be involved in out-of-the-classroom experiences and trips that have a hands-on approach to their courses and exploring different majors. Students also have the opportunity to engage in social and cultural events planned by peer coaches to help them connect with their peers in the learning community.

Additionally, students will gain insight from their BGLC faculty members, who can assist with the exploration of different majors and the transition to the Columbus campus if that is their plan. Students in the BGLC take two common courses in both the fall and spring semesters, which includes one general education course and an arts and sciences course, which will allow students the opportunity to take major specific courses as well.

Who are the participants?

The Buckeye Generation Learning Community is a program of 60 diverse first-generation college students. The Ohio State University defines first-generation as neither parent having received a bachelors degree. All students in the BGLC is for students who are in their first-year of college. If you were enrolled in college preparatory programs or enrolled in college courses while in high school, you are still eligible.


The BGLC is a highly regarded program on the Newark campus, and students can take advantage of the many benefits that this program provides including:

  • Opportunities to engage in out-of-class experiences and trips for hands on applications to courses and different majors. Some of the opportunities that students have engaged with in the past are:
    • Cleveland Museum of Art in conjunction with the History of Art course
    • Trip to The Ohio State University’s very own Stone Lab in conjunction with exploring different majors with the Scarlet and Gray Excellence learning community
    • Tour of the Columbus campus to prepare for their transition
    • Attending the “Black Violins” concert with an Art Education course
    • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in conjunction with an Art Education course
  • Connections with faculty and staff assist students through their major and the transition to Columbus if that is their plan
  • Students are pre-enrolled into 4 courses taken together as a cohort with weekly individualize study tables to support their ultimate success
  • Students can receive a $500 academic scholarship if they apply by the April 1st deadline
  • Receive priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence hall housing for those who apply by the April 1st deadline

These are just some of the many benefits that our students receive as a part of the BGLC. Our students hold many leadership roles on campus, including being a members of the Homecoming Royalty, continuing on to be Peer Coaches for learning community students, presidents of student organizations, and much more.

Application Process

Students who are interested in becoming a member of the Buckeye Generation Learning Community should complete the BGLC application for full consideration. Applicants who apply by the April 1st deadline are eligible to receive the $500 academic scholarship and priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence hall housing if they are interested. All applicants are encouraged to pay their Ohio State Newark Acceptance Fee for full consideration for the BGLC.

Student Testimonials

BGLC Students have shared the following statements about what they enjoyed while participating in the learning community:

• “[The BGLC] gave me opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t be able to get outside of the learning community.”
• “The learning community has taught me to be confident in myself as a first-gen student”
• “It was helpful, informative and made me realize I wanted to be involved in college.”
• “I like having classes with the same group and feeling a sense of a community.”

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