Request for Grant Proposals: Arts-based Community Projects

Download the Request for Grant Proposals here:

Request for Grant Proposals for arts based community projects

DEADLINE: September 1, 2021

Proposal Submission

Proposal Submission

Upload your project proposal and letter of support, here. Please be sure to review the checklist on the RFP (or below) to insure you have included everything.

Proposals must include:
• A project title/description
• Project goals and intended outcomes
• What needs/problems does this project address within your community?
• What do you plan to do? (your plan)
• How will you judge success? (ex: repeated attendance, people’s reactions/feedback (verbal or written), photos, video, social media engagement, ripple effects)
• How will you use the money? (A detailed budget)
• What other funds do you have? (grants, etc)
• Who are you doing this with? If collaborating with another other organization, indicate what the partner or institution is doing to support this project - letter or email from the partner (examples: space, staff, helping with recruitment, snacks, promotion/marketing, documentation)
• Is this something that could be continued in the future?
• What makes you qualified to carry out this project?
• Additionally, a letter of support from a partner organization or colleague attesting to the applicant’s suitability for community engaged work must be uploaded with the application. This is to be uploaded as a separate PDF.

Maximum upload size: 52.22MB
Maximum upload size: 52.22MB

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