*Check this page for up to date information on scholarly publications related to the Be the Street performance project*

Check out Aubrey Helene Neumann’s publication in Youth Theatre Journal, “Transitioning out of the role of trusted adult in applied theatre with youth: or how I found myself in need of a time machine.”

On May 6, 2020, Katherine Borland gave a presentation at the Finnish Literature Society Oral History panel exploring the ways that our initial interviews with community organizers might play a stronger role in guiding our Be the Street performances.  She drew on the life review stories of three of our community partners: John Rush, Ramona Reyes, and Annette Jefferson.

Check out Borland’s publication in Folklore Fellows’ Network entitled “Beyond Content Analysis: Narratives of Belonging in a Changing Neighborhood.”

Check out how the facilitation strategies Artistic Director Moriah Flagler uses with Be the Street ensembles can be applied in settings, such as the college of business to invite more voices into a conversation.

Alex, Stacey and Elena Foulis. “Be the Street: The Performative and Transformative Possibilities of Oral History.” US Latina & Latino Oral History Journal, vol. 4, 2020, p. 45-66. Project MUSE