Aubrey, Crystalyn, Shannon, and the Blank Pages Group

Lead Deviser: Aubrey Helene Neumann is a Midwest based theatre artist currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Theatre at Ohio State University. Prior to OSU, Aubrey earned her M.A. in Theatre Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and B.A. in Theatre Arts and Mathematics at Lawrence University. In addition to her formal education, Aubrey has trained at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey and Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. Given her interests in contemporary theatre making practices, Aubrey strives to integrate her scholarly research with contemporary practice. She has collaborated in numerous devised works and recently completed a new work exploring the recovery of self post-loss. She has also acted, directed and taught for a variety of professional and community theatre companies.

Co-Deviser: Shannon Savard is a co-deviser for Be the Street and a theatre artist, a director, an educator, and a graduate student in the Department of Theatre at OSU. They’ve worked with teens to create original performances in New Hampshire and upstate New York since 2012, and they’re excited to be working with the constantly growing group of high school and middle school students at the Hilltop Library. Shannon is an expert in car-dancing, omelette-making, and rollerblading.


Co-Deviser: Crystalyn Donavan comes from a Hilltop family and works at the Hilltop Library. She believes that The Arts are a necessary component of a quality education.




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The Blank Pages has evolved through an ongoing engagement at three sites in the Hilltop where children and teenagers gather in the Hilltop: the Westland Flea Market, the Westland Area Library, and the Hilltop Library. The group had an open workshop, with participants often coming from across the Hilltop. Aubrey explains the, “greatest challenge has been developing a sense of community within our own group.  Many of the participants did not know one another before this process began.  They come from a number of schools, vary in age, and belong to different cultural traditions.”  As a result, the “group aims to provide a snapshot of life in and around the Hilltop.  Each participant brings to the project their own cultural background and experiences.  We hope to blend these different perspectives in a musical, multi-cultural tour de force.”

Community Partner: Westland Flea Market (4170 W Broad St, Columbus, OH) In their own words: “Westland Flea Market is an indoor and outdoor flea market conveniently located on the west side of Columbus, Ohio near the new Hollywood Casino. Since 1993, we’ve been bringing together buyers and sellers, directly. When there is no middleman, there is no markup – it’s a win-win for both sides!” (


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