Be the Street in the Time of Covid-19

Over the past three years, Be the Street has connected intergenerational and diverse community groups through the practices of storytelling, placemaking, and performance. Due to Covid, and with grant funding by Global Arts & Humanities Discovery Theme, Be the Street has gone virtual! 

We have found that even though our world and work has greatly changed due to COVID, we can still engage our communities online in creative ways that invite diverse voices and perspectives. Now, a core team of community leaders and OSU students, faculty, and staff are developing a series of workshops using these same methods to support leaders in engaging members of their communities; activating conversations in creative ways; building teamwork through play; and improving communication within groups or organizations. 

In order to align these sessions with community leaders’ firsthand experiences, needs, and dreams, our core team is interviewing folks over zoom.  Together, we’re hoping to explore how leaders have been creating or sustaining connections with people right now;  what strategies they’re using from play therapy, creative practice and community/team building that are really working; what kinds of strategies they would like to add to their toolboxes; and what opportunities and challenges they’re facing in the socially-distanced Covid environment.

If you’d like to be interviewed, email Moriah.


If you or someone you know would be interested in learning and exploring creative ways to activate dialogue and build ensemble with a group, stay tuned for our winter/spring workshops!

Watch our Trailer, here!


For more about activating dialogue strategies, check out Moriah’s publication on Lead Read Today.