Goose on the Loose Improvisation/Storytelling Festival October 12 & 13

Hi Be the Street Friends! I wanted to personally invite you to these free workshops on improv and storytelling! I’m helping teach both days along with an improv troupe from Chicago and a professional storyteller. It would be amazing to see some of you there  This event is not hosted by Be the Street, but has overlapping goals and I wanted to make sure folks who might be interested knew about it.  

Here’s a facebook link and how to register:

More schedule information is below.

Saturday, lunch is included! I hope to see some of our participants there.

— Moriah

Columbus Unscripted Sassy Do Improv and The Wild Goose Creative in partnership with The United Way and guest artists from Chicago and Kansas City will conduct workshops and performance sessions for community residents to learn creative communication skills using the forms of improv and storytelling during the inaugural Goose on the Loose: When Comedy and Community Collide.

FREE EVENT—registration required through EVENTBRITE (see below)

About this Event:

Saturday, October 12th: Reeb Center 9:45AM – 2:00PM
FREE to the public; Limited Registrations available

9:45AM-10:15AM: Welcome participants, check in

10:15AM-12:15PM: Hitch*Cocktails Improv class
Join in a celebration and discovery of what it means to discover, create and play through the tools of improvisation! Comedy and community collide when we use improvisational games to connect with others, build story and experience co-creation! Join us in a safe space to build together!

12:15-12:45PM :Lunch to be provided by United Way

12:45-2:00 PM: Show co-created with instructors and community members,
A free offering for our community, please join your friends and neighbors for a showcase when comedy and community collide! Experience improvisation, story, laughter and fun as workshop participants share their experiences with you!

Sunday, October 13th: Reeb Center, 12:00-4:30 PM
FREE to the public; Limited Registrations available

12:30-1:00 PM: Welcome participants, check in, Jamie Arrives

1:00-3:00 PM: Jamie Campbell leads workshop –
Funny Story – Everyone has a story to tell – some of us just need a little help finding it. This workshop focuses on those moments in our lives that may not have been funny at the time, but with a little distance have become something we can laugh at. Award-winning comedian Jamie Campbell will guide participants through improv and writing exercises to find those true stories and craft them into a performance that allows them to connect with an audience and laugh at life.

3:00-4:00PM: Jamie Campbell leads co-created story show

Check out Goose on the Loose Eventbrite for additional festival events, October 10-13, held at Wild Goose Creative.