Rathenau’s Footprints in Berlin

Although Emil Rathenau passed away before the start of WWI, he is still commemorated by Germans. We find three streets that are named after him, Emil-Rathenau-Straße. Tow of them are in two southern German cities, Crailsheim and Backnang and one in a northern Austrian city, Linz. Rathenau worked for a short period of time in August Borsig locomotive factory in Berlin. The Berlin Technology Museum exhibits several locomotives that are produced in that factory. The Technology Museum also displays televisions produced by Telefunken, which Rathenau established by partnering with his competitor, Werner von Siemens, noted German engineer in 1903. AEG’s adds are also displayed in the Jewish History Museum. The Deutsches Historisches Museum has collected an oil on canvas portrait (115 x 90 cm) of Rathenau painted by Otto Rasch in 1895. His two original photographs are also among the The Deutsches Historisches Museum’s collections.

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