This site contains information of the life and work of Emil Moritz Rathenau, the founder of AEG.


Emil Rathenau, around 1880

On the Biography page, there is information on Rathenau’s life, including family and education.

The Context page discusses the political, history, and social context of Rathenau’s life. This page also contains a discussion of the electrical industry to provide the appropriate context for Rathenau’s company at the time. It includes a brief overview of working and living conditions during the late 1800s as well as a short discussion of how society thought of Jews during the time period.

The Achievements page provides descriptions of Rathenau’s largest achievements, both throughout his lifetime and the achievements of his company after Rathenau’s death. Rathenau’s role in Berlin society is also discussed on this page along with how Rathenau success promoted him to fame.

On the Similarities and Differences page, both authors will discuss the most striking similarities and differences between Berlin (or Germany as a whole) and the town they grew up in.

The Reflections page will discuss how the authors’ process of thinking about Rathenau (and Berlin/Germany of the time) evolved as we researched. It will include why we choose Emil Rathenau to learn about and what other people we learned about through their connections with Rathenau.



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