Red Cross Volunteer

Over the summer, I was able to volunteer with the Red Cross in my home town. Due to COVID, the need for donations increased, while the procedures became more complicated in order to keep everyone safe. My main roles were as a Donor Ambassador and Donor Screener. I would register the donors for their appointment, take their temperatures, and disinfect the furniture after each use. I’m very glad that I was able to help the Red Cross continue to operate and provide blood/plasma to patients in need during these trying times.

Women in Medicine Mentorship Program

In January, I was accepted into the OSU Women in Medicine Mentorship Program. On January 19th, the group of accepted undergraduate students as well as the OSU Medical School students hosting the program met in a lecture hall. A guest speaker who both taught at the university and worked as a physician spoke to us about her experiences in achieving her current career. We then broke off into smaller rooms in which we were matched with a specific mentor to talk with. All in all, it was a great experience and I plan to talk with my mentor in the future as I work on my medical school application.

Wexner Medical Center Volunteer

In January, I was accepted as a student volunteer at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. I was assigned to work on a patient floor, helping nurses and patients with small tasks such as refilling supply carts, cleaning counters and other surfaces, and emptying sharps containers. Although I was only able to complete half a semester of volunteering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I greatly enjoyed it and hope to return for the autumn semester.

OSUFSC Social Chair

I am very excited to have been voted an officer for the OSU Figure Skating Club for the upcoming academic year. I will be holding the position of Social Chair. The official duties of the position are as follows:

Social Chair

The social chair is responsible for maintaining and posting on the club’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account. This includes promoting club events, fundraisers, competitions, community service, club members, etc. The social chair is also responsible for planning club social events.


Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory

As of January 2020, I have worked as a research assistant to Dr. Durgam and the Ohio State Veterinary College in their efforts to study orthopedics. I was specifically drawn to this lab because of my passion for the muscular and skeletal systems, and my hopes of becoming either a Sports Medicine Physician or Orthopedic Surgeon in the future. The cell samples used for the research are taken from horses, sheep, and cows; however, the research can very much be compared to human orthopedics. So far, I have completed numerous cell cultures, cell counts, DMMB assays, DNA assays, as well as many other tasks.

Global Brigades Honduras 2020

This school year, I have been an active member of the student organization, “Global Brigades.” Our year-long project was to raise money in order to fund a medical/dental brigade to Honduras after the spring semester was completed. I was specifically drawn to this club because it combined two of my greatest passions: healthcare and Hispanic culture. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trip was cancelled. Although I am greatly disappointed to not have this experience, I am planning on continuing with the club and hope to participate in a brigade this upcoming year.

Allstate Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

Today I was able to volunteer and represent the Ohio State Figure Skating Club at the Allstate Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. We spent this Sunday morning working together as a club in the merchendise tent at the event. Some of our main duties were to work the cash registers to check people out, bag items, and clean up the apparel after the race was over. Not only was it an amazing opportunity to give back to my new community of Columbus, Ohio, but I was able to enjoy time and bond with girls sharing similar passions as I have. All in all, I had a very enjoyable experience and I hope that we continue to volunteer at the 5k/15k next year!

Catalyst Leadership Program

Today, I had the opportunity to participate in the inagural Catalyst Leadership Program hosted by Leadershape in which I had been accepted into. This program was extremely motivating to me for numerous reasons. Firstly, we discussed methods to have better conversations with people. My favorite piece of advice was not equate your experience with theirs. We then discussed labels and their power. While labels can be helpful, they can also create limits in how we view both ourselves and others. It is important to have an open mind with yourself and while meeting other people. At the same time, these labels can help us to better understand ourselves and our talents. Great leaders use and develop upon their own talents and skills in order to lead. In the end, I have developed my own future leadership story. It looks like this:

I want others to view me as compassionate, intelligent, helpful, and a good listener as I help them make life-altering decisions and feel more confident/healthier. Some causes that I am passionate about and that I may make valuable contributions to are the medical field, public health, and the ability to understand others’ cultures and ideas. My parents and professors will be helpful and supportive to me throughout my leadership journey because they want to see me succeed. In a year from now, I want to be able to say that I am a catalyst in the mental and public health community.

Achieving My G.O.A.L.S.

Global Awareness

My coursework for the next four years will consist of courses that examine the cultures and ideas of different groups of people across the world. For instance, I am pursuing a minor in Spanish. The classes that I must take to complete this include learning their grammar and word usage, reading their literature, and examining how they express their culture. I am also hoping to study abroad at some point in my career. I am currently considering a trip to Tanzania, Africa, in order to study the development of HIV. Traveling to a lesser develop country would give me greater perspective into my way of life compared to others across the globe.

Original Inquiry

I am hoping to get involved with research during either the second semester of my first year or during my second year. I am very interested in genetics, development, and the body systems. Hopefully, I will be able to work with a research team and make my own contributions to their findings. During my senior year, I would like to complete an honors thesis.

Academic Enrichment

Through the honors program, I will take many advanced courses at the university. Although my major is Biology, I will take difficult courses outside of this subject. For example, I will be taking multiple 3000+ honors courses for my Spanish minor. My GE courses will also reflect this, as I will need to take advanced history and english classes that I would not normally take as a science student. By taking these classes, I will broaden my horizons and make me a well-rounded person.

Leadership Development

I will be an active member in the clubs that I participate in. For instance, I have volunteered to manage the website for the OSU Figure Skating Club. This will help me work on my organization skills while providing information about our club to the community. I have also applied to participate in Catalyst, a leadership workshop. If accepted, I will learn how to apply my leadership skills to all of my endeavors.

Service Engagement

I will give back to my community by performing volunteer work. I have recently applied to be a Wellness Coach, where I will assist people in planning how they will achieve their goals. This is important to me because I would like to help others work through their mental health challenges using some of the skills that I have developed over the years. I am also hoping to volunteer at a hospital in the future, both to gain hospital experience and to help others that are going through rough points in their life. Other than this, I try to volunteer at whatever event comes along. For example, I participated in Community Commitment and have signed up to volunteer at the Hot Chocolate 5k.