Thanks and next steps

A big shout out to MaLisa Spring for her coordination of the Ohio Bee Survey! I know everyone appreciates MaLisa’s leadership and unending willingness to share her bee knowledge through training, posts and more than a little hand-holding. The bee specimen return rate is a testament to the project’s success under MaLisa’s guidance.

And, many thanks to everyone who participated at every level in this year’s survey. Whether you collected for a few weeks or for the entire season (or simply read along and shared in the progress), you were an integral part of this survey’s success! Together, we have taken great strides (particularly in this difficult year!) in the effort to detail Ohio’s bee fauna.

In case you haven’t already registered for next week’s One Week (Virtual) Insect University, let me invite you to join us for a free. daily pollinator-focused webinar from October 26th through 30th. Our speakers include Jamie Strange, Heather Holm, Olivia Carril, Jennifer Thieme and Doug Tallamy. Find details and the registration link here. Consider the InsectU program a small thank you for your work to conserve our insect diversity.

Best wishes to all for a safe and healthy fall and winter!

6 thoughts on “Thanks and next steps

  1. Thank you MaLisa! Your Bee Survey Updates are away uplifting and informative. I was looking forward to the pinning parties for many reasons but also as a way to hear about infield stories from others on our bee survey team. Maybe someday we can share our stories!

  2. Many thanks to MaLisa for initiating and managing the Ohio Bee survey. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for your dedication and service to this important survey.

  3. MaLisa’s positive attitude and patience during difficult times has been an inspiration. I am hoping for good things to come from her efforts!

  4. Thanks MaLisa – I enjoyed participating in the project and always looked forward to your weekly posts. I learned so much from the experience!

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