Where are the bees? Find out at Dawes in 2020…

The Bee Survey Team@Dawes will begin training team members in 2020. This 25-hour training program will introduce participants to the fundamental elements of bee field research including research design, methods and ethics. Participants will learn and practice field survey techniques as well as sorting, pinning and labelling specimens in the “lab.” Sessions will include indoor and outdoor experiences.

Participants will:

* Learn transect, quadrat and bee bowl techniques

* Collect, sort, pin and label bee specimens

* Develop bee identification skills to the genus level

* Participate in ongoing bee field research at The Dawes Arboretum and through the Ohio Bee Survey.

When: training sessions will be held monthly in 2020 on the third Tuesday from February through June. We will also have a field practice day in June and a follow-up session in September.

February 18, March 17, April 21, May 19, June 16, June 23 (field practice day), September 15 (follow-up)

Daily schedule – 10am – 2pm (gather at 9:30)

Where: The Dawes Arboretum, Newark

The instructor team has extensive experience designing and conducting bee field research. Instructors include: Shana Byrd, Olivia Carril, Denise Ellsworth (organizer), Karen Goodell, MaLisa Spring, Livia Raulinaitis, and Jamie Strange

Who should register:

Applicants should already have an understanding of bee biology and identification, such as Ohio pollinator advocates, Volunteer Pollinator Specialists, OSU wild bee field school participants, college students or equivalent. This is NOT a program appropriate for bee biology/ID beginners.

Maximum enrollment is 20 due to space and microscope limitations.

Preference will be given to participants who are willing and able to volunteer with the ongoing non-lethal transect surveys at Dawes Arboretum and/or with specimen collections through the Ohio Bee Survey,. Participants must be committed to attending all training sessions.

Cost to participate: $100 (due in January). Accepted participants will be contacted in January with payment details.

Many supplies and materials will be provided. Participants will bring a packed lunch.

For more information or questions: contact Denise Ellsworth, ellsworth.2@osu.edu

Apply to participate beginning on December 2nd at 9AM. This program will sell out quickly!

Applicants will be contacted by the end of the week (12/6) to let you know if there’s a space for you in the program.

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