Something I have always been concerned with is health and eating healthy foods. So, when I was assigned an open ended research project, my mind went there straight away. I gathered my team, and we came in contact with a family who felt they were spending too much money on non-nutritious food. Through research, we found that it is cheaper to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, than fast food, and frozen meals. Using this information, we created a meal plan and recipes for the family of 3 for a month. They followed the plan we had outlined, and we received positive feedback, and proved to them that eating healthy is possible. This experience impacted me in a large way. It opened my eyes to the real struggles that many deal with daily, that I was not exposed to. This project also challenged me to engage with different people and communities, which is very beneficial especially to me now at Ohio State. I still keep in touch with this family and they will hold a special place in my heart. 

The family I helped impact through my action research project.

Year in Review

Through my first semester at Ohio State, I have learned a lot and grown as a person. Coming to Ohio State, I was excited to be a part of the Buckeye Nation, and connect with new people. Biological Sciences Scholars immediately connected me with like-minded individuals with whom I have made personal connections with. On a more academic note, my classes are harder than I expected them to be. I make an effort to study with a purpose, so I can study more efficiently. This has significantly helped me manage time better, and to finish assignments faster. I also have been to my professor’s office hours, and this has been beneficial to deepen my understanding beyond the material. Looking to my next semester of college, I hope to keep making connections with my peers and professors, but also to join more clubs. 


GOALs is an acronym by which the Honors and Scholars work towards in their academic and personal lives. G is global awareness, O is original inquiry, A is academic enrichment, L is leadership development, and S is service engagement. For my first year at Ohio State, I want to focus on and develop my leadership development and service engagement. So far in my first semester, I have been involved in both. To develop original inquiry,I’m in the process of finding a research position in my intended field. I’m hopeful to find a research position for this summer that is involved with engineering. To develop service engagement, I have participated in clean up projects around the city of Columbus. Throughout the semester, I will continue to develop these skills by connecting with my peers and professors, as well as volunteering and finding a research position. 


Emily Beer Resume

Some activities I have been most passionate about, and have shaped me into the person I am today are:

  • Science Olympiad
    • I was a part of team that competed in science based events. We were overall successful as a team
  • Biological Sciences Scholars
    • We engage in service and activities on campus and in Columbus that are related to science
  • Action Research Project
    • I was a part of a team that worked to help a family of three from a low income community make healthier food decisions, while still on a budget

About Me

Me and my cat, Oreo.

Pot painting event through Biological Sciences Scholars.

Hello! My name is Emily Beer, and I’m from Powell, OH. I’m majoring in biomedical engineering, on a pre-medicine track. Engineering has always interested me since the time I was building sand castles. I’m also considering adding a minor in physical therapy. On campus, I’m involved in Biological Sciences Scholars. An event I recently participated in was flower pot painting with my peers. Activities like these demonstrate my goal to be more sustainable. Sustainability is something I am very passionate about and work towards everyday. Off campus, I’m passionate about health, and exercise, as well as my two cats.