If AFB is detected

  • Shake adult bees, and requeen with hygienic stock.
  • Burn hive equipment.
  • Outer covers, inner covers and bottom boards without cracks or rotten wood can be scorched with a blowtorch on each surface until charred black. Scrape off all wax and propolis before scorching.
  • Disinfect all hive tools, including smokers. Scrub surfaces thoroughly with steel wool, then wash equipment with soapy water with some added bleach.
  • As a last resort, tylosin (trade name Tylan©, a registered antibiotic) can be used. Oxytetracycline (trade name Terramycin©) is widely resistant to the AFB pathogen and is not recommended.
  • Beginning in 2017, the FDA requires a new procedure for beekeepers to obtain antibiotics. See details here.
  • Tylan can be used only after the disease has been observed in the brood, and can not be used for prophylactic use.

About the disease

Symptoms of AFB

Management strategies

Treating AFB with antibiotics in Ohio: as of 1/2017