Bee Pasture, Meadows and Flower Strips

Establishment How-to Materials from Prairie Nursery, WI:

Enhancing Delaware Highways

Establishing Prairie Meadows from Seed (pdf): The Xerces Society

Meadows and Buffers for Bees

Organic Site Preparation for Wildflower Establishment

Plant Nurseries and Seed Companies: compiled by The Xerces Society

Pollinator Friendly Parks, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Pollinator Habitat Establishment Recommendations from the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative

Pollinator Habitat Establishment and Management Guide from The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund

Pollinator-friendly Best Management Practices for Federal Lands (draft): USDA US Forest Service

Pollinator Partnership Guide to Plants for Pollinators, Ohio (Eastern Broadleaf Forest)

Tallgrass Prairie Center