Honey Bee Health Management Workshop, June 30 and July 1


Honey Bee Health Management:

Diagnostics, Biology and Management Approaches

9AM to 4PM, June 30 (Monday)

8:30AM to 4PM, July 1 (Tuesday)


Reed Johnson, Ohio State University Department of Entomology

Jim Tew, Alabama Cooperative Extension Bee Specialist

Barbara Bloetscher, Ohio State Apiarist, Ohio Department of Agriculture

John Grafton, Master Beekeeping Instructor

Alex Zomchek, Master Beekeeping Instructor

Rodney Richardson, Ohio State University Department of Entomology

Doug Sponsler, Ohio State University Department of Entomology

This workshop will focus on the diagnostics and biology of major health issues facing honey bees, including varroa mites, nosema, American foulbrood, viruses, small hive beetle, and minor pests. The workshop will also address the bee immune system, pesticides, hive inspection and pest monitoring. Target audience includes bee inspectors (county or club), master beekeepers, Extension personnel and experienced beekeepers. This is not an entry-level workshop; three or more years of beekeeping experience, participation in the master beekeeping program, involvement as a mentor or other advanced training is strongly recommended for participation. Workshop registration will be limited to provide interaction between participants and instructors.


Sponsored by: The Ohio State University Bee Lab

Location: OARDC campus in Wooster: Fisher Auditorium, 1680 Madison Ave.

OSBA Master Beekeeping Credits have been approved for this workshop. Contact OSBA for details.

Cost: $125 per person, includes handouts, lunches and refreshments. Overnight lodging not included.

Registration deadline: June 23. To register after June 23rd, please contact Denise for availability.

Questions? Please contact Denise Ellsworth, ellsworth.2@osu.edu (330-263-3723)

Extension staff: please contact Denise for an internal transfer.

Housing suggestions:

ATI Applewood Village Apartments (Walking distance, inexpensive, spartan. Good choice for rooming with friends).

Wooster Garden Hilton (Walking distance)

St. Paul Hotel, (Downtown Wooster)