Team Members

Name Expertise

Stephen Boyles
OSU AnSci, Ext. Beef Specialist
(614) 292-7669
E-mail Steve


Nutrition, Feedlot
Cow-Calf Management
Stocker Cattle


Mike Estadt
OSU Extension – Pickaway Co.
(740) 474-7534
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Cow-Calf Management
Animal Grasses & Grazing


Lyda G. Garcia
OSU Assoc. Professor-Meat Science
(614) 292-3642
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Fresh Meat, Meat Quality
Carcass Characteristics


Al Gahler
OSU Extension – Sandusky Co.
(419) 334-6340
E-mail Al


Reproduction, Genetics
Cow-Calf Management
Registered and Show Cattle
Carcass Evaluation, Forages


Christine Gelley
OSU Extension – Noble Co.
(740) 732-5681
E-mail Christine


Forage Nutritive Value
Forage Management


Jason Hartschuh
OSU Field Specialist, Dairy and Precision Livestock (419) 562-8731
E-mail Jason


Livestock Technology


Justin Kieffer
OSU Clinical Veterinarian
(614) 292-4523
Email Justin


Veterinary Medicine
Beef Reproduction


Dean Kreager
OSU Extension – Licking Co.
(740) 670-5315
Email Dean


Cow-Calf Management


Clif Little
OSU Extension – Guernsey Co.
(740) 489-5300
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Greg Meyer
OSU Extension – Warren Co.
(513) 695-1311
E-mail Greg


Registered and Show Cattle
Carcass Evaluation


Martin Mussard
Manager, OSU Beef Center
(614) 459-4124
E-mail Marty


Cow/Calf Management
Reproduction, Embryo transfer
Estrus synchronization
Heifer Development


Chris Penrose
OSU Extension – Morgan Co.
(740) 962-4854
E-mail Chris


Cow-Calf Management
Calf Marketing
Ownership Options


Alejandro Relling
OSU Assoc. Professor AnSci
(330) 263-3900
Email Ale


Cow/Calf Nutrition
Feedlot Nutrition


Garth Ruff
OSU Field Specialist, Beef Cattle
(740) 651-7140
E-mail Garth


Production Management
Feeder Calf Marketing
Livestock Facilities
Meat Quality -Carcass Evaluation


Haley Shoemaker
OSU Extension – Mahoning Co.
(330) 533-5538
E-mail Haley


Cattle Handling
Beef Enterprise Financial Management


Stan Smith
OSU Extension – Fairfield Co.
(740) 277-4633
E-mail Stan


Reproduction, Genetics
Cow-Calf Management
Feedlot, Carcass Evaluation


Ted Wiseman
OSU Extension – Perry Co.
(740) 743-1602
E-mail Ted


Forage, Pasture Management
Carcass Evaluation