2021 Ohio Beef School

2021 Beef School Opportunities

2021 Cow Calf Outlook Meeting – January 26, 6.30 p.m.
Dr. Kenny Burdine, University of Kentucky Livestock Marketing Specialist
Find Dr. Burdine’s presentation in it’s entirety linked here.

2021 Ohio Cattle Feeding Webinar – February 24, 6:00 p.m.
Managing Cattle Income Risk with Livestock Risk Protection and Livestock Gross Margin Insurance – Justin White, Hudson Insurance & Erin Horst
Ventilation to Manage Both Heat and Cold Stress in Cattle – Jason Hartschuh, OSU Extension Crawford County

2021 Ohio Cow – Calf Management Schools Webinars (Register Here) One Registration Link for all Sessions.
Due to COVID restrictions, the 2021 OSU Extension Cow-Calf School will be coming to you virtually. Join us for one or all of a series of a Monday evenings 6-8pm as we address the following:

Making Hay for Beef Cattle
1/18/2021: Getting Started (the recorded presentations are/will be linked below)
Reviewing Forage Fertility – Jason Hartsuch
New Seeding Species Selection – Christine Gelley

1/25/2021: Addressing Hay Shortfalls
Utilizing Annual Forages – Allen Gahler
Baleage Do’s and Don’ts – Jason Hartschuh

2/01/2021: Hay! Now What?
Analyzing Forage Quality – Ted Wiseman
Baled Hay Storage; Exploring the Options – Garth Ruff

Cow-Calf Management
2/08/2021: Breeding Season Considerations
Managing the Breeding Season & Reproductive Performance – Alvaro Garcia Guerra
Using EPDs & Breeding for Cow Longevity – John Grimes

2/15/2021 Managing Reproduction
Bull Breeding Soundness Exams, Bull Care & Semen Handling – Dean Kreager
Pregnancy Checking; the Economics and Alternative Methods for Beef Cows – Allen Gahler

2/22/2021: Improving Profits
Making Cow Culling Decisions – Dean Kreager
Maximizing Feeder Calf Value – Garth Ruff

Beef Sire Selection for the Dairy Herd Webinar – March 10, 2021, 12:00 p.m.
Presenter: Allen Gahler, OSU Extension Sandusky County
Find Al Gahler’s presentation in it’s entirety linked here.