Recent Developments in Estrus Synchronization Protocols

– Pedro Fontes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Georgia Extension Specialist

A new breeding protocol called 7&7 Synch has been added.

The 2023 sire directories from genetic companies are now available to cattle producers. In addition to including a wide variety of new sires, these directories also include an updated estrus synchronization protocol sheets that contain both old and new protocols that have been validated and are endorsed by the Beef Reproduction Task Force ( This article will provide an overview of the 7&7 Synch protocol, which was recently added to list of protocols for use with conventional semen, and summarizes the research that evaluated this protocol in controlled settings. What is different about the 7&7 Synch?

The newly added protocol, the 7&7 Synch, can be utilized for both heifers and cows and is an adaptation of the industry-standard 7-day CO-Synch + CIDR protocol. The only difference is that the . . .

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