Will China meet their growing beef demand by raising it themselves?

– Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Tennessee

As China has completely changed their pork production and commercialized it, will they also attempt to revolutionize beef production in their country to meet growing beef demand?

As many readers are already aware, China pork production has shifted from back-yard production to a “hog hotel” style of production where hogs are produced in multistory buildings that rely heavily on feed grains. It has become evident that Chinese consumers have a strong taste for beef. Thus, this question was asked with the thought that China may attempt to ramp up domestic beef production.

There is certainly the possibility of the Chinese attempting this endeavor, but cattle production as we know it requires significantly more land resources. However, the Chinese have been known to be “innovative,” which means they could house animals and bring in more feed. The likelihood of this is relatively small at this point, but such a move would result in the need for more feed resources, which would drive corn prices higher.